Meet  Dear  Aunt  Sweet

Author, Emily Anne Hart and Artist, Mira Lea Rinehart are Dear Aunt Sweet!  This dynamic mother daughter duo invite America to start the week off with a laugh. 

Most loved advice columnist, Dear Aunt Sweet makes life light with her off key sense of humor and a no nonsense approach to problem solving.  Aunt Sweet believes most of life's mishaps are opportunities for invention.

Every Sunday Aunt Sweet will post a cartoon from her private collection and email you this link to view The Sunday Sweets, FREE. 

Cartoons you can expect to see are "Dear Aunt Sweet," a comical advice column for modern living.

"Rotten Apples," a biblical favorites column approved and loved by all, atheists needn't fear.

"Toon Time," grab bag, random wits and unorthodox takes on everyday common scenarios.

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